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Ramen & Sushi by Mitsuro

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Dania - Ramen & Sushi by Mitsuro

Ramen&Sushi by Mitsuro is a new place on the culinary map of Gdańsk and at the same time the only one in the city centre where you can eat original ramen, prepared according to traditional Japanese recipes.

The heart of ramen is an essential broth with a deep, meat flavour. At Ramen&Sushi by Mitsuro, we cook it for about 10 hours, patiently and with Japanese precision, extracting from the ingredients everything that's best. We serve it with hand-made ramen with a characteristic, elastic consistency. This pasta, from which the dish takes its name, owes its elasticity to the combination of two ingredients in the right proportions: Japanese wheat flour and a special high pH water. An interesting fact is that although ramen has an appetizingly yellow colour, it does not contain eggs. As a result, its ascetic in taste and consistency resiliently emphasizes this rich in meat broth.

Guests of Ramen&Sushi by Mitsuro will have a choice of six ramen types: shio, shouy and miso. Each of them is a separate, multidimensional composition of broth, ramen and carefully selected additional ingredients, uniquely combining Eastern culinary traditions with the Western taste for innovation in the kitchen. Whoever will try the noble ramen once, will surely come back to Ramen&Sushi by Mitsuro for the next one.

However, the original ramen is not the only feast for the palate offered by Ramen&Sushi by Mitsuro. It is worth visiting this place also for delicious sushi, the taste of which was appreciated by culinary critics. The owner of Ramen&Sushi by Mitsuro is the renowned Japanese restaurant Matii Sushi, which for 12 years has been captivating the dwellers of Poznań with the best sushi in the city. It was awarded by the gourmets of the yellow guide "Gault&Millau", awarding it - as the only sushi restaurant in Wielkopolska - for two years in a row with a yellow hat, which is a symbol of the highest culinary quality.

In Ramen&Sushi by Mitsuro we prepare sushi  according to Matia Sushi's original recipes. Our guests can be sure that each sushi specialty on the menu is an electrifying journey through the land of Asian flavours.