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Słony Spichlerz


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Can a burger be sexy? Of course!

Sensually crunchy roll, 100% melt in the mouth, juicy beef and tasty additional ingredients make the burgers from the Sexy Bull captivating with taste. Served with noble prosecco, they are like the promise of a great night.

Sexy Bull is for young people who live fast, take the best from life and value the quality of the product. It offers delicious beef burgers of very high quality at a nice price, with the possibility of eating on site or ordering the take away. This is an excellent option for a quick meal after classes, during work or - in combination with prosecco - before the party.

The secret of Sexy Bull burgers is the recipe. Both the roll and meat are prepared according to the original recipe. They seduce with the unique taste of carefully selected beef from the best Polish farms, which is fully exposed by a bread roll from own bakery. Juicy meat, with a clear structure, perfectly seasoned - once you try it, you will know from the very first bite that flirting with Sexy Bull will turn into a hot love, because the taste of these burgers is just enslaving. The more so because there are several burgers to choose from, which differ from each other with a composition of additional ingredients, specially created for the needs of the brand.

The meat for burgers at Sexy Bull is chosen by professional chefs, who know like nobody else of the highest quality beef.

The owner of the brand has also the steak house Whiskey in the Jar, which is beloved by connoisseurs in Poznań, Wrocław and Łódź, which specialize in steaks and premium beef burgers with beef tenderloin.