Słony Spichlerz


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In DELIFISH Grill + Tapas the flavours of the sea are particularly close to us.

Not only because of the place of origin of the concept. We are opening now in Gdańsk, on the Spichrzów Island in the first Tri-City food court with the authorial cuisine - Słony Spichlerz.
We fish for you the best fish and seafood, put on the barbecue, serve simply - on a white plate with a portion of lettuce and in-house baked bread, sauces and a lemon slice to make you fall in love with the taste of the sea, in that what is most important. From our heart we add lots of fish tapas - smoked fish, spreads, pinguid gravlax and original matias, bagels with salmon, shrimps sparkling in butter and garlic.

We feast, share, wink fish eyes at others, steal the hearts of fishermen.