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Słony Spichlerz





New restaurant keeper in Słony Spichlerz! Ladies, gentlemen, welcome on board the DELIFISH Grill + Tapas crew.

In this particular case, we can boldly shout - Ahoy! In the city by the sea you should not miss an authentic local idea for a fish+ seafood  restaurant. Fresh fish will be transported from close distance, directly from fishermen, looked after Neptune who watches over the quality. DELIFISH will prepare them in a simple, uncomplicated way - from the barbecue; they will select wines and champagne, introduce the taste of the sea to tables, which will host various species of fish, delicious tapas, gravlax, smoked meats, spreads and fish soups that the neighbourhood did not see, or maybe even the whole world. And adding to this a noble selection of seafood - sea pearls and deliciousness - pink shrimps, baby octopus, squid, scallops, oysters and from time to time our familiar crayfish from the Pomeranian waters. We smack with satisfaction and approval.

Fish lovers just come. We will put you in a dignified and pirate manner together with DELIFISH.