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VEGEMADRE Veggies & Love - multi-colour, vivid, authentic vegetarian and vegan cuisine just like at home, honest and uncomplicated.

We cook based mainly on seasonal vegetables, groats, legumes, grains, superfoods, with care for health and flavours, the taste of which we enhance with spices and recipes from different parts of the world. The menu includes freshly baked breads with selected flours, many-coloured, multi-ingredient salads, variations of baked vegetables, nutritious, noble one-pots and soups, cold press juices, infusions, pro-health and probiotic shots, bio / eco dishes.

We cooperate with local suppliers and in search of the right recipes and flavours variations we travel around the world. We mix, experiment, chop a lot, bake, stew, use little salt, use good oil, we strengthen the body and spirit, we add energy and glow every day, we thank for every smile.

Contact: love@vegemadre.com