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Słony Spichlerz



REMEDIUM Maciej Pestka


Hi! You are here?
You run? Are you catching up on everything you couldn't do in 2019? Do you stop, enjoy reflection and plans for the next year?

You are here to eat. Consume.
Not accidentally, you are surrounded by pictures of capsules.
ReMedium is a surreal representation of our everyday life. A kind of box with compartments for each day of the week, and tablets in them. Compressed satisfaction of modern man's desires. Nice, colorful and easy to swallow.
We consume brands, logos, content, art, photographs ... we associate them with pleasure. We give in to influencers from smartphone. We are looking for answers to who we are in a T-shirt with the words 'NASA' or 'Gucci'.
Is another Instagram like or designer purse a cure for our troubled nerves? Or is it just a placebo?
By choosing a specific set of what we consume, we create our own reality, such a tablet dispenser, and we identify with it.
Welcome to the modern world. Bon Appetit.

All interested are invited to the ongoing exhibition of works by Maciej Pestka. He calls himself 'visual artist' because he moves freely between the medium of photography, graphics, moving image and book form.

The artist's works can be bought on-site in Słony Spichlerz.