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Hey, stop for a few moments!

Do you know the Gdynia’s CHWILA MOMENT? Now you will be able to stop for a moment in Gdańsk. CHWILA MOMENT is a favourite place for meetings and morning conversations. CHWILA MOMENT will take all the thirsty for new flavours to the culinary route stretched between Moroccan, Israeli, Arab, Turkish and Indian cuisine!

At CHWILA Breakfast we will invite you to wonderful whole-breads on sourdough, crunchy baguettes, fluffy, buttery brioche, vegan breakfast sets with roasted vegetables, classics in the English version, the mad Croque Madame and many other wonders.

And yet, a moment, especially in the Salty, we add: MOMENT Bowl - bowls from various corners of the world, filled with flavours and colours to the brim.

Little? Ok, we will fill your palates with a delicious curry, homemade hummus in different versions, crisp pickles, a meatball full of vegetables.